Escape room Budapest: the sexiest in Europe!

Once upon a time, the princess of Clitoland was kidnapped from her erotic castle by the wizard dragon, Edward. This dragon is special: he has seven joysticks and not later than an hour the dragon will embrace the princess if you and your team do not escape her.

You can defeat Edward…but it won’t be easy!

Edward lost his 7 joysticks. First of all, you need to find them and when it’s done, you have to put them back to the right places. If you are ready, the princess will wait for you and your team with opened legs..khmm…arms.

Can you solve the mystery and take the princess home?

So, your main goal is to find all the hints, solve the puzzles and try to escape before time runs out.


You need to be over 18+ years of age. No further rules. Come and spend an enjoyable hour with your friends!

How to start?

After you enter the room, you need to touch and examine everything. Who knows? Even the smallest item can be critically important!

Don’t worry If you are not a sheet acrobat –  thinking is more important. If you are not smart enough, the princess will remain locked up by Edward  who wants back his 7 joysticks – and not without a reason.

If a key does not open a lock, you need to continue looking for the right one. Listen to the quizmaster carefully! She will introduce you to the secrets of the erotic, heated story.

What for?

bachelor or
bachelorette party

Would you like to organize an exceptional and memorable stag / bachelor or bachelorette party to your mate or friend? You are in the right place! This will be the most funniest and lush night ever!


Come to celebrate your birthday party with your friends and loved ones. Do something special in this year!
Or not your birthday! Not problem! Organize a great event to
someone who like the
funny and interesting


If you and your colleague want a really unique team-building event with lots of fun and lush too, you need to
be here! Make a great night out in
the heart of Budapest!


Book your date and take part in an unforgettable experiance!

One room – up to 30 players!

Why come?

We are waiting for you at a unique location

You can play in the sexiest escape room of Europe

You can set free your lustful and cheeky thoughts

You and your team get an exceptional fun

Further surprise

If you release the Princess in an hour without help, we will surprise  you and your team with  a bottle of champagne.

They've already played!


Yes because, the Pay Pal and the Sum Up systems are marketleader companies and take care of your details.

You can pay online via Pay Pal, bank transferring and on the spot we accept credit card. We using the Sum Up smart terminal system which is very easy and fast solution.

The Gift Card is valid for 1 year.

You need to transfer the Gift Card fee  to our bank account what you get in an email. After when the money has arrived to our bank accont we send to you the Gift Card via email or post in dependence on what you have chosen.

  • If you would like to get your Gift Card in an e-mail you do not need to pay extra.

  • If you would like to get your Card via Post , it’s cost further 990 HUF, because we will print for you and send the Gift Card for the given address.

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