The hottest escape room in Europe is looking for franchise relationships!

Join us and become our franchisee!
What is „Fallost”, and why do we need You?

The Fallost is a sexy, sensual escape room located in Budapest (Hungary), where the players have to save a princess from the evil, 7-tailed dragon, who kidnapped the girl from her castle, before he could make her his. To protect the beautiful lady from her fate, the lost „joy-sticks” of the dragon must be found and put back to it’s original place during a naughty journey. This is the only way to get to our beloved princess, and to stop the huge dragon from having his way with her.

This erotic entertainment is a perfect choice when it comes to bachelor/bachelorette partys, birthday events, or team building programs for individuals above 18 years, but ideal for friend meetings too!

Is it appealing to you? Is there a high chance that opening such an intense escape room in your country would be beneficial?  If you think so, and you’d enjoy opening one, do not hesitate, and contect us via email: hello@fallost.hu We’d like to expand our business as a franchise chain!

You can be anywehere in the world, it doesn’t matter, the country can be Japan, Germany, Italy, or any place where erotic content is not prohibited! The language of the communication is english, but the game itself can be translated to your mother tongue, of course!

So what can you get from this agreement?
  • The usage of our trademark.
  • The precise description of the game.
  • A markating plan.
  • A ready-to-go web-page and the the usage of it.
  • Social media pages.
  • The construction plan of the room.
  • + 2 years warranty » If the escape room is unprofitable for 2 years, we guarantee to redeem it from you!
In case of any questions, feel free to email us!

The hottest escape room in Europe